About The Angels

Swag Angels was created out of a necessity to help small businesses with

their marketing during this unprecedented time we're in. Businesses are

confused these days as to where they can spend their marketing dollars

wisely. Swag Angels has over 20 years of knowledge and experience in the

promotional products field and is there to help our clients navigate these

uncharted waters.


We are excited to put our knowledge and skill in the marketing realm to

help small businesses within our communities establish & build their

marketing presence. We enjoy being able to give small businesses

opportunities that big companies have.


As a Faith-Based company our philosophy is to show small businesses that

God has a place in everything, including work.


We take pride in helping small business owners market their business with

new and cutting-edge promotional items. Our services include logo design,

print media, and other tangible marketing materials. We focus on providing

solutions for our clients to maintain and grow their customer loyalty

through customized brand recognition. Furthermore, we provide exceptional

customer service, honesty, integrity, and efficiency which adds to a more

personal relationship. We are honored to help everyone we encounter to

market their business without breaking their budget.


At Swag Angels, we're here to ensure your promotional products experience

is heavenly!

*Have a Great Day and God Bless!*

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